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Lunch at Lu Lu’s

Well, I went to the Doctor this afternoon. Nothing big, just my ear has felt like I have been in a plane at take off, and my body has felt like I am on our old sailboat tied to the dock with a trawler kicking up a wake as it passes. Well, he said it was simple allergy ear, and that it makes sense because I haven’t taken any allergy medicine in… gosh… I don’t remember when I last took some. It must have been in March. Anyway, I am now taking Claritin once a day for the next 10 days to see if that dries it out. If it doesn’t, then we try Zyrtec. IF THAT doesn’t work… THEN they will take a closer look at it. I have done all the homeopathic and herbal things, mostly because I was worried about the dizziness. I have had the pressure for about 3 or for years on and off (mostly on) so I am used to it. The Doctor was nice, and he seemed to respect my not wanting to medicate. I was flat out honest that I would take the medicine if I had to, but I really didn’t want to use them. One of his statements when he looked at my ear was, “No infection that I can see so no worries about antibiotics.” Yeah! A medical professional in the Army who understands, doesn’t treat you like a person with jello for brains just because you don’t want antibiotics thrown at a problem, and respects the decision you make. Hooah!

Anyway, we stopped on the way home to mail a letter to Darren and make an appointment for Monte’s oil change and how-ever-many-mile checkup. My Terrific Teen decided that she wanted pizza, and proceeded to edge toward becoming a Terrible Teen when I told her she could make one at home. I was about to tell her I was going to make slop for lunch and dinner when I was struck with an inspired idea.

I have been reading this book about spoken blessings. It talks about blessing those people that hurt you or wrong you or whatever.I pulled the car into Lu Lu’s Bread and Bagels! I love this place! They have everything, and it is all fresh and local! It is what a friend of mine would probably call a “hippy café.” I have wanted to take Agnes there for quite awhile.

So we walk in and it smells amazing! There are fresh loaves of bread, coffee, quiche and all kinds of baking smells to welcome you further inside. We had trouble deciding what to have. When we got our order, it was fresh and warm and lifted both of our moods. We talked, I found some stuff to do when my parents get here in July, and decided that we need to have a once a week “date” at Lu Lu’s.

All in All, what could have been a poopy day has turned into a kind of cool memory for me.

Thank you God for my wonderful family! Bless my daughter with wisdom and strength to see the path you have asked her to follow and say, “Yes, Lord.” Bless my husband with a clear sense of direction and the fortitude to lead this family, no matter where he may be. And finally Lord, bless me with the ability to quiet down and hear the small, still voice that you use to guide me through these little, important things.

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