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Our Future Home


Well, this is what the house looked like when we first saw it. We are still waiting for closing, but we are just about there! Please keep praying for us as we step out in faith that God wants us here.


Our Future Home


Well, this is what the house looked like when we first saw it. We are still waiting for closing, but we are just about there! Please keep praying for us as we step out in faith that God wants us here.

Vikings — Articles, Video, Pictures and Facts

Vikings — Articles, Video, Pictures and Facts.

We are studying The Vikings in World History this week. I am so happy to FINALLY be in the Middle Ages! Anyone have any other resources on Vikings or Middle/Dark Ages?

We are creating a MASSIVE time-line book as our final project. So far we are about to overflow a 3-inch binder. This is not just the line with little icons & dates. Agnes has been doing research on various people and events, creating “profiles”, writing original stories, and adding artistic projects to this book! I imagine we will need a few more binders by the time we get to the modern times… pictures to come!

Talking about Mata Hari – MSN Encarta

  What an interesting woman. Tragic death, especially if she really was innocent. Check out the article, please.


Mata Hari – MSN Encarta

Talking about Lawrence Welk – MSN Encarta

I miss sitting with Aunt Anne, Mimi, and Grandma Gibbons, watching  Lawrence Welk & singing.
He is today’s Mystery Person on This Day in History…

January STRONG Report

The STRONG Report ** January 11, 2009 ** We are 3 days SRTONG!

Well, Darren has left on the latest deployment, and is safely in country. The send off was an experience in itself. (I miss Fort Hood and the 1st Calvary! They know how to do it RIGHT!) So it is time to get “The STRONG Report” off and running again.

I have added a few new people to this list, so I am going to take some time to share and remind everyone “Why?” I write “The STRONG Report.”

“The STRONG Report” is a newsletter of sorts. It is sent to a list of people that want to know what is going on with our family, especially during deployments and since we have moved so far away from everyone. The name comes from our family’s philosophy during the last deployment.

Our soldier, Darren, deployed 12 October 2006 with the 4-227th Aviation Battalion, 1st Calvary Division. I was an active member of our unit’s Family Readiness Group (FRG). In fact, I was a key caller and Point-of-Contact. Our FRG took the idea of being there for the other members of our ARMY family very seriously. We had meetings every month, and those that didn’t go back to live with our families (our “real” families) spent a lot of time together. We planned coffees, field trips, Halloween Parties, Christmas and Valentine events, and some pretty cool Re-Deployment activities when it came time for our soldiers to come home. We learned to celebrate each little victory, every single day, no matter how small. We saw that just getting through each day allowed us to grow stronger.

We also saw that, although we tried to keep up with our friends & family, military & civilian, it was incredibly hard and very redundant! We found ourselves repeating ourselves, over and over, a lot! (Get it?) I found myself going to every possible meeting to make sure that all the information I was giving and getting was first, accurate, and second, was safe to pass along. OPSEC is a beautiful thing, but I will explain it to you all when I have a whole newsletter to devote to it.

During ALL this, and before the 4-227th left, I noticed so many people counting DOWN the days until their soldier returned home. I thought that it was just a silly thing to do… Now, I understand, all to well, about that giant hole in your heart, your life, your home when your loved one is deployed, but you really do not know when they are coming home. We found that out in a very hard way in April 2007 when we heard that our soldiers’ deployment was extended from a planned 12 months to an unexpected 15 months. I cringed at the thought of all those paper links being added to so many “count DOWN” chains! All those people that had expectations of a reunion after a year were heartbroken. It was extremely hard on some of the families that had stayed in Ft. Hood, and many of them left to spend the remainder of the deployment with their real families.

That is when I started writing “The STRONG Report.” It was my way of encouraging some of the spouses with whom I had contact. It was a way of letting my family and friends back home know I was still OK. And, it was a way to get out important, accurate information to everyone that needed or wanted it.

So that’s my story, and I am sticking to it…

Agnes and I are trying to get back to a normal schedule, but since we have a community of other spouses of deployed soldiers here in Fairbanks/ Ft. Wainwright, we will have plenty of others in the same situation to support us. We will be fine. After all, we have been ARMY Family STRONG, Deployment STRONG, and after this winter… we will certainly be Alaska STRONG!

Have a Blessed Day,


Philippians 4:13 (New King James Version) I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

I am so tired

I am so tired!
I stayed up until very early this mornin, working on my Power Point presentation for work. I didn’t finish them because I wanted them to be perfect. I pissed off my husband because I didn’t get to bed until 4am. I didn’t get my other chores done this morning, because I was dragging. AND, I didn’t even get to the presentation on time, because I slept through my alarm!
I need about 3 days away from absoloutly EVERYONE! I wonder if there are any caves up in the Hill Country where I could hang out for a few days?
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