Advent Links

Advent Links


Hand-Made Advent Calendar

posted November 30, 2007 by Marilisa Kinney Sateleben

This is a great idea for an Advent calendar for kids. It encompasses the Advent wreath and the Jesse Tree, but it does talk about the Catholic “Feast Days” that celebrate the Catholic saints. We don’t celebrate those as Baptists, but I do explain them to my daughter, since that is what I learned as I was growing up. (I don’t care if she chooses to become Catholic, Methodist, Baptist, or whatever when she gets older. The important thing is that she chooses to be a Christian, and knows that Christ died for her sins, and accepts Him as her personal Savior.) It also emphasizes activities.


String of Lights Advent Calendar Pattern

December 12, 2008 by Elsie Marley

Very cute craft!


The Advent Wreath: Prepare the Way of the Lord


The Meaning of Advent

The Symbolism of the Candles and Sabbath Celebrations © Melissa Howard


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